U.S. Rules Out Cooperation With Russia

Daily News Article - October 9, 2015


1. Describe Russia’s military build-up in and around Syria.

2. a) Describe the military action Russia has taken since entering into direct intervention in Syria last week.
b) How does this contrast with what Russian officials said about their involvement in Syria?

3. What do U.S. officials say Russia’s military build-up and actions indicate?

4. Why is the U.S. most concerned about Russian air strikes in Syria?

5. a) Why doesn’t the U.S. want to work with Russia on military strikes, according to U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter?
b) What is the U.S. doing to avoid unintended military clashes with Russia?

6. Russia is mostly targeting rebels who are not ISIS terrorists (although both groups are fighting against President Assad). Ask a parent if he/she supports U.S. strategy and to explain why or why not.