U.S. restricts carry-on electronics from 10 airports

Daily News Article - March 22, 2017


1. a) Which federal agency has issued new restrictions on non-stop flights from certain airports to the U.S.?
b) What specifically will the new rules require passengers on these flights to do?

2. List the carriers and airport locations included in the new requirements.

3. For what reason has DHS issued these new restrictions? Be specific.

4. a) Why don’t the new regulations include any U.S. carriers?
b) How have the airlines included in the new rules responded?

5. CHALLENGE: The Reuters reporter writes in paragraph 10: “DHS officials did not explain why the restrictions only apply to travelers arriving in the United States and not for those same flights when they leave from there.”
What is the most likely the reason?

6. a) How does Angela Gittens of airport association ACI view the new restrictions?
b) In a CNN interview with CNN news anchor Richard Quest, Mr. Quest claims the new rules will be “chaotic” “incredibly inconvenient” and the countries on the list were chosen “for seemingly inexplicable reasons.” He said of the new rules “this is going to be devastating” and noted “we have not heard from the U.S. authorities on the specific threat.”
Should U.S. authorities tell the media and the public all of the specific intelligence they have on the threat? Explain your answer.
c) Watch the news reports explaining the new rules under “Resources” below. In the BBC video the reporter explains the threat behind the new restrictions. Do you think the BBC report provides credible reasons for the new restrictions? Explain your answer.