U.S. Deploys Radar to Monitor N. Korean Missile

Daily News Article - January 18, 2017


1. Define the following as used in the article:
-deploy (from para. 1)
-deterrence (from para. 2)
-ICBM (from para. 1-2)
-interceptors (from para. 6)
-discriminate (from para. 9)
-miniaturize (from para. 10)

2. What is the SBX? What does it do?

3. a) For what reason did the military deploy the SBX from Pearl Harbor?
b) What is the purpose for the deployment?

4. What did DoD spokesman Navy Cmdr. Gary Ross say about the deployment?

5. What concerning and assuring information does the White House and State Department know about North Korea’s nuclear program?

6. What is the U.S. Missile Defense Agency doing to combat the problems with the SBX?

Conservative Republicans generally support the position of peace through strength (which includes nuclear deterrence). Read about it here and here.
Liberal Democrats take an opposing view and generally support the idea of reducing/eliminating nuclear weapons worldwide. Read about it here and here.
With which policy do you agree? Explain your answer. Discuss with a parent.