U.S. Coast Guard intercepts semi-submersible vessel packed with cocaine

Daily News Article - December 13, 2017


1. The first paragraph of a news article should answer the questions who, what, where and when. List the who, what, where and when of this news item. (NOTE: The remainder of a news article provides details on the why and/or how.)

2. Which government agencies tracked and then intercepted the vessel?

3. a) What is the role of AMO?
b) Where do Marine Operations station the aircraft that participated in the mission?
c) What do the crews of these aircraft do?

4. a) What is a drug cartel?
b) How did Allen Durham of the National Air Security Operations Center describe the drug cartels’ attempts to smuggle drugs into the U.S.?

5. What assurance did Mr. Durham give?

6. How would you describe the work of our U.S. Coast Guard, CBP, Marine Ops, etc. in searching for drug smugglers? (challenging, impossible, inspiring, skillful, etc. …) Explain your answer.