Twelve Countries Reach Trans-Pacific Partnership Deal

Daily News Article - October 7, 2015


Note: Read the “Background” below the questions for more info on the TPP (from London’s BBC News).

1. List the countries involved in the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement.

2. Now that the 12 countries have agreed on the terms of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) what needs to happen for it to take effect?

3. a) What are tariffs?
b) How will the TPP affect tariffs?

4. How is Congress expected to vote on the TPP?

5. Why is the TPP controversial to Congressional members of both political parties?

CHALLENGE: The TPP deal has been controversial in both parties because the negotiations have largely been secret. It’s exact provisions have not been made public. The president must post the full text of any proposed trade agreement online at least 60 days before signing it.  Follow news stories on this agreement and once the full text has been posted online, read it.