Trump to al Sisi: “We are very much behind Egypt”

Daily News Article - April 4, 2017


1. What is significant about Egyptian President al Sisi’s official visit to meet with President Trump at the White House this week?

2. What type of relationship is President Trump establishing with President Sisi?

3. What did President Trump say to President Sisi during the press conference to confirm this relationship?

4. Sisi said he appreciated that Trump has been “standing very strong ... to counter this evil ideology.” To what “evil ideology” does he refer?

5. What type of diplomatic relationship has the U.S. historically had with Egypt prior to President Obama’s tenure?

6. Why has the U.S. been giving Egypt over $1 billion in aid per year? (For what purpose is the money used?)

7. One U.S. official said President Trump would not be giving Egypt additional aid and said it is not clear yet whether some of its funding would be cut. Egypt’s al Sisi has called on Muslim leaders to rid Islam of Islamic fundamentalist teaching. His government fights ISIS and other terrorist groups in Egypt’s Sinai.
a) What do you think: Should the U.S. cut funding to Egypt, increase funding to Egypt, or continue giving the same amount?
b) Ask a parent the same question. Discuss your answers.

8. Watch the news conference with President Trump and Egyptian President al Sisi (see "Resources" below). What is your reaction to the re-establishing of ties between the U.S. president and Egypt?