Trump: Ban all Muslim travel to the U.S.

Daily News Article - December 9, 2015


1. What proposal did Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump announce this week?

2. Why does Mr. Trump say his plan is necessary? Be specific.

3. For what reasons are critics opposed to Mr. Trump's plan?

4. How have fellow Republicans, as well as Democratic and Republican presidential candidates, responded to Trump's call to ban Muslims from coming to the US?

5. a) How did French Prime Minister Manuel Valls react to Mr. Trump’s comments?
b) Do you think than any U.S. presidential candidate should be concerned with how a European leader, or (from paragraph 12) international refugee organizations, or Muslims in Pakistan and Indonesia, view his/her statements on U.S. immigration policy? Explain your answer.

6. Those who disagree with Donald Trump’s suggestions for putting a hold on Muslim travel to the U.S. use words like racist, anti-Muslim, fascist, etc. Do you think the American voters who agree with Mr. Trump are anti-Muslim, fascist, racist, etc. Explain your answer.

OPTIONAL: Read a commentary by James Taranto at today's Best of the Web post. Do you agree with Mr. Taranto's observations? Explain your answer.