Thousands of voters confused by ‘independent’ party name

Daily News Article - February 10, 2016


1. What is the UIP? Be specific.

2. a) What mistake do Massachusetts election officials believe many voters have made when registering recently?
b) Why is this of such great concern?

3. Why do officials think voters made this mistake?

4. What proof do officials offer to support this assertion? Be specific.

5. a) UIP leader Evan Falchuk said he was “in total agreement” with Galvin’s desire to clarify how to change parties with UIP voters. Why did he say he was “shocked” when he heard Galvin tell WGBH that the UIP’s voter roll is full of confused voters?

b) With whom do you agree: the leader of UIP or the Massachusetts Secretary? Explain your answer.

OPTIONAL: How does a voter register as an independent in your state (if not Massachusetts)? Do you think voter registration is easy to understand in your state?