Thirty years on, Chernobyl remembered by Philadelphia-area Ukrainians

Daily News Article - April 20, 2016


1. a) Where is Chernobyl?
b) What was the Chernobyl disaster?
c) Why is Russia associated with the Chernobyl disaster in Ukraine?

2. How did Ukrainian-Americans commemorate the disaster in Philadelphia on Sunday? Be specific.

3. What did Valeriy Chaly, Ukraine’s ambassador to the U.S. say about the parallels between the Chernobyl disaster and Russia’s invasion and take-over of Ukraine’s Crimea region?

4. Two of the speakers at the commemoration were teenagers. What did each say about the disaster and Ukraine?

5. Why did Ukrainian-Anerican Nataliya Turchyn say Ukrainians did not trust Russia after the Chernobyl disaster?

6. From the last paragraph of the article: “Afterward, Anna Maria Cyhan of Lansdale, Pennsylvania said she hoped the world will remember the Russian annexation [take-over] of Ukraine's Crimea region the same way it remembers Chernobyl and support Ukraine's efforts to reclaim its territory. Her husband, George Cyhan, agreed, and said of Russian president Vladimir Putin: ‘We can't let Putin get away with it.’”
a) Ask a parent: Do you agree with their sentiments? Please explain your answer.
b) Which presidential candidate do you think will best be able to deal with President Vladimir Putin of Russia? Explain your answer.
c) Ask your parent the same question.

OPTIONAL: Ask a parent or grandparent what he/she remembers about the Chernobyl disaster.