The team nobody wants to play

Daily News Article - October 14, 2016


1. a) Define forfeit as used in the article.
b) For what reason do high school sports teams generally forfeit games?

2. How many teams have forfeited games against Archbishop Murphy High School in Washington state?

3. How does the Granite Falls High School football coach explain the biggest concern administrators had when considering whether to forfeit against Archbishop Murphy?

4. What concerns did Granite Falls players’ parents express in a community meeting three days before the game?

5. a) What were the scores in Granite Falls’ past two games against Archbishop Murphy?
b) Is there any information about whether players got injured the past two years?

6. a) Why did the school hold a community meeting with the principal, athletic director and school district superintendent last Tuesday?
b) How did Granite Falls Athletic Director Joey Johnson initially respond?
c) Why did the administration then agree to forfeit the game?
d) How did the players explain their decision?

7. Watch the two news reports under “Resources” below with comments from the Granite Falls players and from the Archbishop Murphy players.
With whom do you agree? Consider the following: