Tensions Rise in Korea

Daily News Article - May 24, 2010


1.  Define the following words as used in the article:

precarious (para. 1)
provocations (para. 2)
belligerence (para. 3)
deter, aggression (para. 4)
punitive (para. 5)
reprisals (para. 8)
proactive, deterrence (para. 9)
defectors (para. 12)

2.  Name the capitals and the leaders of North Korea and South Korea.

3.  What action is South Korea taking against North Korea because of North Korea's deliberate torpedoing of a South Korean naval ship?

4.  What is Secretary of State Hillary Clinton attempting to do in Beijing?

5.  What military preparations is the U.S. military making?

6.  What warning did President Lee give about North Korean aggression?

7.  Watch the video under "Resources" below.  What do you think of Forbes' Gordon Chang's comments about North Korea?