Synthetic Marijuana Causes Rash of Hospitalizations

Daily News Article - April 20, 2015


1. How many people were rushed to hospitals across New York State in the past week due to adverse reactions to synthetic marijuana?

2. List all types of symptoms these people experience as described in the article.

3. Why is synthetic marijuana popular among teens?

4. What is synthetic marijuana?

5. The DEA banned synthetic marijuana and labeled it a Schedule 1 drug in 2010. What is a Schedule 1 drug?

6. Is New York the only state that had experienced such a huge surge in emergency room visits due to the use of synthetic marijuana? Explain your answer. Be specific.

7. What do you think is the best way to prevent teens from using synthetic marijuana?

CHALLENGE: Do an internet search to find out if the use of synthetic marijuana is a problem in your state, and whether it disproportionately affects teens.