Survey shows half of college students think student loans will be forgiven

Daily News Article - March 1, 2017


1. Define the following as used in the article:

  1. misconception
  2. perplexing
  3. delinquency
  4. student loan forgiveness
  5. underestimate

2. a) How many Americans currently have Student Loan debt?
b) How much money does this total?

3. a) What did student loan firm LendEDU discover about college students’ beliefs about repaying their student loans?
b) What did LendEDU discover about college students’ knowledge of the current federal student loan interest rate?

4. a) List those who are eligible for student loan forgiveness.
b) What must students who qualify for student loan forgiveness do before their loans will be forgiven?

5. What does LendEDU say their study confirms about college students understanding of financial aid?

6. a) Read the LendEDU survey questions at the end of the article. How many did you know the answer to?
b) What should every student who reads this article do? Be specific.