Supreme Court rejects suit against Colorado over marijuana law

Daily News Article - March 23, 2016


1. On what grounds did the states of Nebraska and Oklahoma bring a lawsuit to the U.S. Supreme Court against Colorado? (Why did they file the suit against Colorado?) Be specific.

2. How did Colorado defend its law?

3. How did Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt respond when the Supreme Court declined to hear the case?

4. What did Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson say about the Court’s decision?

5. a) Under what constitutional provision did Oklahoma and Nebraska file the case directly with the Supreme Court?
b) Why were they able to file the suit with the Supreme Court without first taking the suit to a lower court?

6. a) Do you think Oklahoma and Nebraska make a reasonable case for their appeal to the court? Explain your answer.
b) Do you think the Court should have accepted the case? Explain your answer.


With whom do you agree: the Solicitor General or the two justices? Explain your answer.