Supreme court hears case for deporting immigrant felons

Daily News Article - October 3, 2017


NOTE TO STUDENTS: Before answering the questions, read the “Background” and watch the video under “Resources” below the questions.

1. a) How many justices are on the U.S. Supreme Court?
b) Who is the Chief Justice?
c) List the other justices.

2. Regarding the case:
a) What status does James Garcia Dimaya have? When did he come to the U.S.?
b) What crimes was Mr. Dimaya convicted of committing? What sentence did he receive for each crime?
c) When/why did the Obama administration begin deportation process for Dimaya?
d) Why did the Justice Department’s Board of Immigration Appeals, the highest U.S. administrative body for interpreting and applying immigration laws, refuse to cancel his expulsion proceeding?

3. How does the federal criminal code describe a “crime of violence”?

4. How did the San Francisco-based liberal 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals rule on the case in 2015?

5. When will the justices hand down their ruling on the case?

CHALLENGE: Do an internet search to find out the specific details of Mr. Dimaya’s crimes. There should be many news reports detailing the case as this will be a very significant decision.