Super Bowl security team ‘ready for anything’

Daily News Article - February 2, 2018


1. What type of security measures have law enforcement officials in Minneapolis established to secure the Super Bowl stadium?

2. a) For how long have officials been conducting security assessments of the critical infrastructure and areas surrounding the Super Bowl stadium?
b) What types of situations have authorities been training for during that time?

3. What has the Department of Homeland Security done in the past 18 months to prepare for the Super Bowl?

4. What did DHS’s 52 training sessions in Minneapolis cover?

5. This year's Super Bowl will be the first where there will be remote satellite checkpoints, offering ticketholders the option to go through indoor screening at the Mall Of America before taking a free train to get inside the security perimeter. If you had tickets for the Super Bowl, would you use this type of screening checkpoint? Why or why not?

6. Read the “Background” below and watch the news report under “Resources.” What is your reaction to the security measures being put in place by local, state and federal government to guard the Super Bowl?