Study Supports Raising Tobacco-Buying Age

Daily News Article - March 16, 2015


1. a) Who required the FDA to commission a study on the legal age for purchasing tobacco?
b) Why did they want this study?

2.  What positive impact / results would increasing the legal age for purchasing tobacco products have?

3. What conclusions did researchers make about how increasing the buying age from 18 to 19, from 18 to 21 and from 18 to 25 would affect 15-17 year olds?

4. a) The U.S. tobacco industry makes $100 billion a year on the sale of their products. How much of that could they lose if the legal age for purchasing these products was raised to 21?
b) How have tobacco companies reacted to the Institute of Medicine report?

5. What is the reasoning behind the thought that raising the legal age to 21 would decrease the number of teens smoking?

6. a) Do you think the federal government should increase the national age requirement for purchasing tobacco products to 21? to 25?
b) Do you think most people would start smoking at 21 or older? Explain your answer.

7.  Should federal age restrictions be increased for other vices that have generally negative effects on people, such a gambling or drinking?  Explain your answer.