Study shows what you eat helps fight depression

Daily News Article - April 18, 2018


1. What do recent studies show about diet and depression?

2. a) What is epidemiology?
b) Describe the study conducted by epidemiologist Felice Jakca of Australia’s Deakin University.
c) What did the study show?

3. What was the conclusion of a second, larger study?

4. What effect does a diet filled with vegetables, fruits and whole grains have on senior citizens, according to research conducted at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago?

5. What are the APA and some medical schools doing to acknowledge the potential benefits from the practice of nutritional psychiatry?

6. a) What foods should people eat, according to Dr. Lisa Mosconi?
b) Re-read paragraphs 12-14. Would this information cause you to re-think what you eat? Why or why not?