Spring Break madness cure

Daily News Article - April 16, 2015


1. a) Who is Nicki Grossman?
b) Why did she send a letter to her Panama City Beach counterparts?

2. What four recommendations did Ms. Grossman make to Panama City officials?

3. What effect does Ms. Grossman say the changes made in Fort Lauderdale have on the city?

4. a) What steps did Bay County officials recently take to address the problems with Spring Breakers?
b) Who is expected to oppose the crackdown? Why?

5. Do you think Panama City Beach should follow Ms. Grossman’s recommendations? Explain your answer.

6. What responsibility do the following have to put an end to the types of activities that go on during Spring Break in Florida? Explain your answers.

  1. local officials
  2. sheriff and law enforcement
  3. local residents who elect the officials who make the laws
  4. parents
  5. the students themselves