Speed-Camera Debate Ramps Up

Daily News Article - April 25, 2016


1. How do speed cameras work?

2. List the states that currently use speed cameras to catch people speeding in highway construction zones.

3. a) How many tickets has the state of Maryland issued since starting to use speed cameras in highway work zones?
b) The percentage of vehicles speeding in work zones has had decreased since 2011. What number related to work zones has increased in the state in recent years?

4. How do supporters and opponents differ in their view of the use of speed cameras by states? Be specific.

5. Why do the Portland, Oregon police limit the use of speed cameras?

6. How/why has the Illinois Department of Transportation changed the focus of their efforts to get motorists to slow down in work zones?

7. Re-read para. 17-20. Do you think that stationing police cars in work zones or posting flashing signs with a drivers’ speed would have the same effect as speed cameras? Explain your answer.