Some superdelegates vow to back Clinton even if Sanders wins NY primary

Daily News Article - March 31, 2016


NOTE TO STUDENTS: Read the “Background” below on superdelegates before answering the questions.

1. What is the difference between pledged delegates and superdelegates?

2. a) How many delegates does the Democratic party have overall?
b) How many of these does a candidate need to win the Democratic nomination?
c) What number of Democratic delegates are superdelegates?

3. When and why did Democrats add superdelegates to their nominating process?

4. a) How did the eight New York superdelegates contacted by the Daily News respond when asked if they would vote for Bernie Sanders should he win the New York primary? Be specific.
b) If you were/are a New York Democratic voter, how would this affect your attitude toward the primary race?

5. If Sen. Sanders has won almost half of the state primaries to date (some by a wide margin), why does Hillary Clinton still have so many more delegates overall?

6. How do the Democratic and Republican procedures for superdelegates differ?

7. The Democratic Party is often criticized during election cycles for conducting primary elections in a non-democratic fashion, since superdelegates are appointed by the party and are not obligated to support the candidate chosen by the voters. There have been repeated calls to eliminate the superdelegates from the primaries to more accurately reflect the popular vote. What do you think? Should the party eliminate superdelegates? Be specific.

8. a) How do you think delegates to the conventions should be chosen?
b) What role do you think delegates should have at the conventions?