Some Android Phones Secretly Sending Info to China

Daily News Article - November 17, 2016


1. a) What do each of the following companies do? Blu, Adups, Kryptowire
b) What concerning information came to light about Blu this week?

2. Why might the owners of phones purchased from other manufacturers besides Blu be affected?

3. How was the problem with Blu discovered? Be specific.

4. How does the server in China get an American phone users’ information?

5. Why does the reporter say iPhone users don't have to be concerned?

6. a) Google makes the Android operating system. What information did Google give about their phones?
b) How does Google explain their inability to provide information on other Android phones?

7. What information did phone makers OnePlus, HTC and LG give to Consumer Reports?

8. a) What reassurance has Blu given to customers?
b) What question did Blu not answer regarding customers’ phones?

9. The reporter notes that even if a customer’s phone has been fixed, Adups still has his data on their servers and also notes it is not clear how the information might be used. The reporter also quotes a computer science professor surmising that it could possibly be an advertising network. Knowing what you do about the Chinese government and Chinese companies, what is (would be) your reaction if you own a Blu phone (or other Android phone)? [If you do not know anything about the Chinese government and/or companies, ask a parent or a grandparent.]