‘Simply not flushable’: Thousands of pounds of wipes clog sewer system

Daily News Article - October 19, 2018


1. What was the main cause of the clog to a water treatment plant in Charleston, South Carolina last week?

2. How long did it take crews to clean out the system?

3. How did Mike Saia of the Charleston Water System explain the problem?

4. What are utility officials asking customers to do? Why?

5. How are the wipes being disposed of?

6. From para. 13, 12: The wipes industry is expected to sell $2.7 billion in products by 2020. Clogs in homeowner plumbing as well as sewer lines have gotten so prevalent that at least one law firm launched a class-action lawsuit against misleading claims from the “flushable” industry.
The clogs prove the wipes are not flushable. What action do you think should be taken against the companies? What responsibility do the companies have to alert all customers they are not flushable after they have advertised them as being so?