Senate Races to Watch

Daily News Article - November 1, 2016


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1. a) How many Senate seats will be voted on in the 2016 election?
b) What is the current makeup of the Senate?
c) How many seats is each party defending this year?

2. Why do Democrats have a better chance to win the five seats they need to gain the majority from the Republicans?

3. List the 12 most competitive races described in this article. (For each one, name the state and the two opponents.

4. Chose one of the 12 close races briefly described in the article.  Which candidate sounds to you like he/she has the better chance of winning?  Explain your answer.

5. A poll taken after the director of the FBI said on Friday that the department was reviewing additional emails in connection with Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server while she was secretary of state shows that 34 percent of likely voters said they would now be less likely to vote for Clinton. (The poll was reported with the headline: “Poll: 63 percent say FBI review makes no difference in vote for Clinton”)
Do you think this latest investigation into Mrs. Clinton’s emails will affect any of the close Senate races? Explain your answer.