Senate leader tells Democrats to “grow up”

Daily News Article - January 10, 2017


1. a) What is the purpose of the President’s cabinet?
b) How are a President’s cabinet picks confirmed?

2. What does Senate Majority leader Republican Mitch McConnell expect to happen regarding President-elect Donald Trump’s cabinet nominations?

3. Why does Sen. McConnell think Democrats in the Senate are attempting to delay the confirmation process?

4. What facts does Senator McConnell point out about the confirmation of President Obama’s cabinet nominees after he won the presidency in 2008?

5. a) Does Senator McConnell make a valid point? Explain your answer.
b) Regardless of the political party you support, do you think in general the opposite party in the Senate should confirm eligible cabinet picks based on McConnell’s reasoning? Explain your answer.
c) Ask a parent the same questions a) and b)

CHALLENGE: Check out the list of Trump’s Cabinet nominees. Choose one and follow news on his/her confirmation hearings.