Senate Bill Calls for Women to Register for Draft in 2018

Daily News Article - May 17, 2016


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1. What is the Senate Armed Services Committee?

2. What will the provision added to the Senate’s annual defense policy bill do?

3. When did the House Armed Services Committee adopt the same provision?

4. a) How did Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) react to the inclusion of the draft provision in the bill?

b) Do you agree with Senator Lee’s assertion? Explain your answer.

5. a) When was the last year the U.S. had a military draft?
b) Despite the fact that there is no draft currently in the U.S., what must all men between the ages of 18 and 25 do?

6. The Obama administration has moved to open all combat roles to women.
a) Should women be required to register for the draft since they are now able to hold the same combat roles men do?
b) Do you think President Obama should sign the finalized bill into law, or veto the legislation?
c) Do you think our enemies today - Islamic terrorists - who captured U.S. soldiers would treat female soldiers differently than male soldiers? (better, worse, the same)?
d) List at least 3 pros and 3 cons to women in combat roles.
Explain your answers.

7. Ask a parent, and a grandparent their opinions on women in combat and women being required to register for the draft.