Russian Airstrike in Syria Targeted CIA-Backed Rebels, not ISIS

Daily News Article - October 2, 2015


1. What action did Russia take in Syria on Wednesday?

2. What danger does this create for the U.S. and our allies?

3. a) What response have U.S. officials made to Russia’s surprise airstrikes? Be specific.
b) What do you think of the Obama administration’s initial response to Russia’s aggression?

4. List the actions taken by Russia that have angered the U.S. and our allies. (see para. 7)

5. a) How is the Iraqi government working with Russia and others to fight ISIS?
b) Why would the U.S. and our allies be opposed to such an alliance?

6. How was the U.S. informed about the Russian airstrikes that took place on Wednesday? (Remember, President Obama met with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday at the UN. During the meeting, the two agreed that their armed forces should hold talks to avoid coming into conflict in Syria after a Russian military buildup there over the last several weeks.)

7. How did Russia’s stated reason for its initial military build-up in Syria differ from the action they took on Wednesday?