Russia wants to fly hi-tech spy planes over U.S.

Daily News Article - February 23, 2016


1. What is Russia asking the Open Skies Consultative Commission permission to do?

2. What is the Open Skies Treaty? (What is its purpose?)

3. What warnings do U.S. intelligence and military officials have about Russia’s request? How does each one explain his concern? Be specific.

4. a) What decision will President Obama have to make regarding Russia’s request?
b) What conflicts do we have with Russia right now?

5. How did the Under Secretary of State for arms control and international security try to downplay concerns over Russia’s flights?

6. What measures has Russia adopted that are “inconsistent with the spirit” of the treaty?

7. Read the “Background” below the questions. Answer the following and ask a parent his/her opinion on each one. Explain your answers:
a) What measures do you think the Obama administration should take in addressing Russia’s potential flights over the U.S. and our military bases?
b) Do you think President Obama should do the same as Turkish President Erdogan and refuse a Russian Open Skies mission over the U.S.?
c) Should this Treaty be reconsidered because of Russia’s actions in Ukraine and Syria? Explain your answer.
d) What position would you want the presidential candidate you support to take on Russia’s application to fly surveillance over the U.S.?