Report: Israeli company helping FBI crack iPhone security

Daily News Article - March 24, 2016


1. a) Define court order.
b) What did the court order, obtained by the US Justice Department last month, direct Apple to do?
c) Define digital forensics.
d) Define decryption.

2. What does the agency think they will find in terrorist Rizwan Farook’s phone?

3. a) Why has Apple refused to comply with the court order directing the company to create software to allow the FBI to access the phone?
b) Do you agree with Apple?

4. How is the FBI trying to access the terrorist’s cell phone, despite Apple’s refusal?

5. a) What does Israeli company Cellebrite do?
b) In what way has Cellebrite been working with the FBI since 2013?

6. a) What does Apple want the Justice Department do do if the FBI is successful in gaining access to Farook’s phone?
b) Do you think the government should do so? Explain your answer.
c) Do you think Apple should have complied with the court order? Why or why not?