‘Reckless’ Russian fliers continue to taunt American jets

Daily News Article - May 3, 2016


1. Answer the following questions about the latest Russian provocation:
a) Where was the U.S. jet? Be specific.
b) What type of jet is it?
c) What type of mission was it on?
d) How close did the Russian plane come to the US jet?

2. How did Russia respond to questions about its latest provocation?

3. List the other recent incidents when Russia buzzed U.S. ships/planes.

4. What is NATO? - What is its purpose?

5. a) Russia is deliberately provoking us. How do you think the Obama administration should respond? Explain your answer.
b) Which presidential candidate do you think would be the best commander-in-chief to deal with a hostile Russia? Explain your answer.
c) Ask a parent the same questions.