Quake Toll in Chile Rises

Daily News Article - March 1, 2010


NOTE TO STUDENTS: This is a long article, but gives a good overview of the earthquake in Chile. Read through the article two times, circle names of people, underline names of places and highlight facts provided as you read.

1. How many facts were provided in this article?  Answer the following questions:
a) What is the capital of Chile?
b) Who is the president of Chile?
c) Approximately how many people are known to have died as a result of the earthquake?
d) How many people were displaced by the earthquake?
e) What region was closest to the epicenter of the earthquake?
f) What time did the earthquake happen?
g) What was the magnitude of the earthquake?

2. What damage did the earthquake cause, as described in the article?

3. Why are many survivors sleeping outside?

4. What types of assistance might the Chilean government seek from the international community?

5. a) What is a top priority for the government in Chile?
b) What recovery efforts will take more time?

6. a) How strong was the earthquake compared to the recent Haiti earthquake?
b) For what reasons was there a much lower death toll in Chile than Haiti?