Prince Harry Brings Invictus Games to Florida

Daily News Article - May 12, 2016


1. a) What are the Invictus Games?
b) When and where do the 2016 Invictus Games take place?
c) What is the meaning of the word Invictus - why was this name chosen?

2. When did Britain’s Prince Harry found the games? What association does Prince Harry have with the military?

3. How does Prince Harry explain the purpose of these games?

4. a) List the events athletes compete in during the Invictus Games.
b) How many athletes are competing in this year’s games?
c) How many countries sent athletes to this year’s events?

5. a) Who is the U.S. team captain? In what events does he compete?
b) What does he say about the games?

6. Read the “Background” below and watch the videos under “Resources.” How are you inspired by these men and women?