Pope delivers political message on immigration, tolerance to Congress

Daily News Article - September 25, 2015


1. List the following statistics:
a) the population of the world
b) the number of Catholics worldwide
c) the population of the U.S.
d) the number of Americans who are Catholic

2. According to the reporters, what did Pope Francis’ speech underscore?

3. List the topics Pope Francis highlighted in his speech that are found in this article.

4. What would you like to have heard the Pope address that he did not mention?

5. a) Who attended Pope Francis’ historic speech to Congress?
b) Why is this significant?

6. Thousands lined the streets of Washington DC to catch a glimpse of the Pope. What does this say to you about Americans’ view of God? or do you think most people just wanted to take the day off to see a famous person? Explain your answer.

CHALLENGE QUESTION: Read the speech in its entirety.
This was the Pope's opportunity to speak to the nation, especially to Christians (those who follow Jesus as the Son of God and redeemer of the world).  In addressing Congress, do you think his speech was more spiritual or more political? Explain your answer.

NOTE:  Some people don't like "religion" or they blame God for many things.  The way to know who God really is is for each person to read His word, the bible, and decide about God's truth for themselves.  You can read the bible online at biblegateway.com.