Philippines’ President says he’ll ‘break up’ with US

Daily News Article - October 5, 2016


NOTE TO STUDENTS: Before answering the questions, read the “Background” below and watch the news report under “Resources.”

1. For what reasons is Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte upset with President Obama and the U.S.?

2. What threats did President Duterte make regarding the historic alliance between the U.S. and the Philippines?

3. How did the White House respond to President Duterte’s threats?

4. What type of relations have the U.S. and the Philippines had for the past 70 years? Be specific.

5. What is the purpose of the joint military drills conducted by the U.S. and the Philippines?

6. What negative effect could President Duterte’s threats have on U.S. military plans?

7. According to some U.S. officials, Washington has been doing its best to ignore Duterte's rhetoric and not provide him with a pretext for more outbursts. Several of Duterte's allies on Monday suggested he act more like a statesman because his comments had created a stir. On Tuesday, he said his outbursts were because he was provoked by criticism of his crackdown on drugs. "When you are already at the receiving end of an uncontrollable rush, the only way out is to insult," he said. "That is my retaliation."
Do you support the Obama administration’s response to President Duterte’s rhetoric and threats? Explain your answer.

8. Do you think the White House should take the same vocal, public opposition to U.S. ally Saudi Arabia’s human rights violations? Explain your answer.