Pence warns North Korea of U.S. resolve shown in Syria, Afghan strikes

Daily News Article - April 18, 2017


1. What warning did Vice President Mike Pence give North Korea on Monday?
b) What did Vice President Pence specifically say during a joint press conference with South Korean Acting President Hwang Kyo-ahn?

2. What steps are the U.S. and South Korea taking in response to North Korea’s defiant nuclear program and missile tests?

3. What is the purpose of Vice President Pence’s four-nation Asia tour?

4. What assurance / warning did Pence make on a visit to the DMZ?

5. a) What did NSA head H.R. McMaster say about U.S. response to North Korean aggression?
b) What possible actions is the U.S. considering taking against North Korea at this time?

6. Watch the news reports under “Resources.” What is your reaction to VP Pence’s visit to South Korea and warning to North Korea? (positive? negative?) Explain your answer.

7. a) The “period of strategic patience” lasted throughout the Bush and Obama presidencies. Ask a parent or grandparent if he/she can explain this strategty to you. (There is some info under “Background” below the questions.)
b) The “period of strategic patience” did not succeed and instead has allowed North Korea to develop inter-continental ballistic missiles capable of reaching California, as well as proceed in their quest for nuclear weapons. What do you think of President Trump’s stern warning to North Korea? (good strategy? dangerous strategy? better not upset the insane dictator? tough talk is dangerous - better to use negotiations only? tough talk is the only thing North Korea will listen to?) Explain your answer.
c) Ask a parent the same question. Discuss your answers.