Outmoded U.S. immigration system poses security risk: study

Daily News Article - March 18, 2016


1. a) Who is John Roth?
b) What problems could the lack of progress in automating the immigration system cause, according to Mr. Roth?

2. a) For how many years have U.S. immigration officials been trying to switch their system from paper-based to automated?
b) How much more time and money do officials estimate it will take to switch from the paper based system to automated processing?

3. How does Mr. Roth describe the system that workers currently use to process the millions of immigration applications?

4. Describe two additional problems Mr. Ross told the committee about. (See para. 7 and 8)

5. a) What is the EB-5 visa program?
b) What is concerning about this program?

6. How does the current system allow known human traffickers to bring victims into the country?

7. From "Background" below: Officials at USCIS refuted the Inspector General's report, calling it “inaccurate.” But the DHS Inspector General John Roth responded in a letter to USCIS Director Leon Rodriguez, stating the USCIS has “continually minimized the shortcomings of the program and resisted independent oversight.”
a) Who do you think should be held accountable for the many problems at USCIS? (The President, Congress, USCIS Director Leon Rodriguez, Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson?) Explain your answer.
b) Ask a parent the same question.
Opinion questions. Answers vary.