Officials won’t lift evacuations for 188,000 as flood danger around Calif. dam eases

Daily News Article - February 14, 2017


1. What are the Oroville Dam’s two spillways used for?

2. When was the last time the emergency spillway was used?

3. A spillway is a passage for surplus water from a dam. What is the problem with the main spillway at Oroville Dam?

4. a) What did authorities discover on Sunday about Oroville’s emergency spillway?
b) Why is this situation so dangerous, according to CAL FIRE commander Kevin Lawson?

5. What immediate actions did authorities take upon learning of the danger?

6. How many people were evacuated from the area Sunday, with less than an hour’s notice (some with just minutes)?

7. What warning did the Sacramento Fire Department issue?

8. After the evacuation, the urgency later subsided, with authorities reporting that the situation was not as desperate as previously thought. Why did Sheriff Honea keep the evacuation order in place?