Obama Meets New Saudi King

Daily News Article - January 29, 2015


NOTE to students: Before answering the questions, read the “Background” below.

1. a) For what reason did President Obama cut short his trip to India to travel to Saudi Arabia? Be specific.
b) What did President Obama and King Salman discuss during their meeting?

2. What was surprising/unusual about the President’s change in plans?

3. a) Who accompanied President Obama on this unplanned trip? Be specific.
b) Ask a parent or grandparent: what do you think of the large delegation of Democratic and Republican current and former government officials President Obama brought with him to Saudi Arabia?

4. How do reporters for the Wall Street Journal and NY Times explain the President’s decision to go to Saudi Arabia and the number of officials he brought with him?

5. List the reasons relations between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia have become tense in recent years.