Obama administration to allow allied countries to buy military drones

Daily News Article - February 20, 2015


1. For what reason has the Obama administration changed its policy on export regulations for the sale of drones?

2. Who will benefit from the government’s new policy on drone sales to foreign governments?

3. Contrast the views for and against the sales of armed drones to other countries. (What reasons are given for support or opposition to the sales?)

4. a) What types of military equipment does the government already permit to be sold to other countries?
b) Is money a good reason to allow these sales? Explain your answer.
c) Should defense companies then be allowed to sell all types of military equipment (such as missiles) to increase their sales/profits? Explain your answer.

5. What is the Missile Technology Control Regime? Be specific.

6. a) What argument do defense companies use for why the government restrictions on these sales should be lifted?
b) Do you think this is a valid argument?

7. a) How will drone sales be conducted, according to the State Department?
b) What assurance does the State Department give that the drones will be used only for their intended purposes?

Discuss the following:
Who will monitor the countries to ensure they are holding up their end of the agreement when purchasing weaponized drones?
What are the penalties if they don’t abide by their agreement?
Is this technology different from nuclear weapons (which are extremely difficult to make)
Is the cat out of the bag on drones used for nefarious purposes?