NYPD Monitored Members of Muslim Students’ Associations

Daily News Article - February 21, 2012


1.  Why was the New York Police Department (NYPD) monitoring college students who were members of Muslim Student's Associations? Be specific.

2.  How did the NYPD monitor the students?

3.  How did Muslim students react to the news of the monitoring by police?

4.  a) What specific information obtained through anonymous sources about NYPD investigations has the AP publicized in its reports?
b)  How will the reports by the AP affect future monitoring by the NYPD?

5. Officer Mahmood Ahmad of the NYPD's Cyber Intelligence Unit discovered that some of the speakers at the Islamic conference student Adeela Khan publicized to her group's members had possible ties to terrorism.  Would you consider officer Ahmad's research an invasion of privacy or due diligence?  Explain your answer.

6.  a) Is it ok for police to monitor public forums (blogs, message boards, etc.) if they don't have solid evidence of a specific terrorist threat?  Is this the same as policing the neighborhood and keeping their eyes open?  Explain your answers.
b) Does the news of the NYPD monitoring make you feel encouraged or disheartened?  Explain your answer.