Nikki Haley Arrives at the U.N.

Daily News Article - January 30, 2017


1. What did Nikki Haley do before President Trump named her as U.S. Ambassador to the U.N.?

2. Who is the current U.N. Secretary General?

3. How did Ambassador Haley explain the U.S.'s goal for the U.N. under President Trump? - How will the U.S. achieve this goal?

4. As she arrived at the U.N. to present her credentials to the Secretary General, what did Ambassador Haley say about countries that don't support the U.S.?

5. President Trump, who had called on President Obama in December to veto a U.N. resolution against our ally Israel, said that "things will be different" at the United Nations after he took office. All agree the U.N. needs reform. What did some diplomats say about tough talk from the U.S.?

6. Watch Ambassador Haley's remarks as she arrived at the U.N. (see video under "Resources" below).  The U.S. funds almost one-quarter of the U.N. budget. There are 193 voting members in the General Assembly.  Each member, including the U.S., gets one vote.
a) Is it unreasonable or good policy for the Trump administration to say the U.S. is going to change how we do business at the U.N.? Explain your answer.
b) Ask a parent the same question.

CHALLENGE: President Obama’s foreign policy style was to “lead from behind.”  President Trump’s leadership style is the exact opposite. Consider the two - which do you think is better for America and our interests?