NFL was paid to honor National Guard?

Daily News Article - May 12, 2015


1. How much did the U.S. Department of Defense and the New Jersey Army National Guard pay the Jets football team over 4 years?

2. a) What did the Defense Department and National Guard pay the Jets to do? Be specific.
b) How many other teams also had similar contracts with the National Guard/Defense Department?

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3. How much did the Department of Defense pay overall to the NFL teams over the same time period?

4. a) Who publicized this information?
b) How does he view the government’s practice? (What did he say about it?)

5. How does Army National Guard spokesman Patrick Daugherty explain the payments?

6. a) How does Jets spokesman Bruce Speight contradict the actual federal contracts explained in paragraph 2?
b) What do you think of his explanation?

7. What is the difference between paying to advertise and paying to honor heroes? Why would one be OK and the other wrong?

8. Do you think the revelation that some NFL teams honored our military heroes because they were paid to do so will affect how the public view any mention/honor of a military member during any sports event? Explain your answer.