New York City Police Department unveils new drone system

Daily News Article - December 10, 2018


1. a) In what situations will the NYPD operate its new drones?
b) In what situations will the NYPD NOT deploy drones?

2. What is the purpose for the drones, according to the department?

3. Why is the New York branch of the ACLU opposed to the NYPD’s use of drones?

4. How did the NYPD address ACLU concerns/criticism? Be specific.

5. a) List the number and type of drones acquired by the NYPD.
b) Who will operate the drones?

6. a) How many other departments across the country use drones in some form?
b) How many states have enacted laws or adopted resolutions regarding drones?

7. The ACLU said in a statement, “The NYPD did make some changes, but we continue to believe the NYPD's drone program poses a serious threat to New Yorkers' privacy.”
As technology advances, privacy advocates have expressed serious concerns first over surveillance cameras at red lights and most recently over the use of drones by law enforcement. They suggest there is potential for abuse of power and violation of privacy.
Consider the fact that many businesses and private homes have surveillance cameras. Currently, anyone can buy and use a drone.
a) Should people only be concerned about police drones in the skies, or also (to a greater or lesser extent) about your neighbor’s drone hovering over your yard or outside your window?
b) ISIS terrorists have called for/threatened to carry out attacks in NYC on New Year’s Eve. If you attended this event, or any outdoor concert, sporting event, recreational activity etc. where there was a large crowd and potential or known threats by terrorists, should police use drones in these instances?
c) In what, if any, situations do you think the use of drones by law enforcement is a good idea? (Consider the fact that terrorists or even regular criminals, don’t need to check with the ACLU before utilizing the latest technology.)