Mysterious X-37B plane lands after secret two-year mission

Daily News Article - May 11, 2017


1. What is the X-37B?

2. This is the X-37B’s fourth mission. How long was it in orbit?

3. List the facts about the classified X-37B aircraft that you learn from the article.

4. How is the Air Force’s secretive X-37B most likely used, according to experts and others?

5. Watch the videos under “Resources” below.
a) What does the X in X-37B stand for, according to former NASA astronaut Mike Massimino?
b) What does Mr. Massimino say is the biggest difference between the X-37B and a space shuttle or a satellite?
c) What does Mr. Massimino say is the most exciting aspect of the X-37B?

6. How does this news report inspire you?