Miami Beach wary of spraying Zika chemical

Daily News Article - September 7, 2016


1. What is Zika? How is it spread? What effect does the Zika virus have on humans?

2. What is microcephaly?

3. What is BTI? How does it work?

4. What is Naled? How does it work?

5. Why is Naled controversial?

6. a) What is the CDC? What is its role?
b) What is the EPA? What is its role?
c) What do the CDC and EPA say about the use of Naled?

7. The CBS News report leaves a few unanswered questions:

Read about Naled at theĀ EPA's website.

In August, the CDC announced that pregnant women should avoid traveling to Miami-Dade county. This area is a top tourist destination that generates a lot of its revenue from tourists. Many of its businesses/employment depend on tourism.
a) If the CDC and EPA say Naled is safe and effective, should it be used? Explain your answer.
b) Would being a resident of Miami-Dade affect your answer? Please explain.
c) Ask a parent the same questions.

8. Read the Background below. If Zika MIGHT cause microcephaly in even a tiny percentage of babies born, what should be done to solve this problem?