Marijuana use, disorders doubled since 2001

Daily News Article - October 23, 2015


1. Describe the findings of the recently concluded study reported on in this article. Be specific.

2. Why do you think Americans’ attitudes about recreational marijuana use have changed?

3. What laws on marijuana use do states have?

4. What negative effects have past studies shown marijuana use causes?

5. Why is the American Academy of Pediatrics opposed to the legalization of marijuana?

6.  Ask at least 2 adults if they know anyone their age who has used marijuana for a long time and if that person displays any negative side effects. Do they think that person would be better off now if not for long-term marijuana use?  (Note: People who smoke marijuana regularly will adamantly argue against the idea that it could have any negative effect on anyone.)

From the last two paragraphs of the article (para. 14-15):

The researchers write that if the amount of U.S. adults using marijuana increases, so will the number of those with marijuana use disorders.

“People should consider this information when they’re making choices about using marijuana, and the public should consider the information as they consider legalization,” Hasin said.

Read about marijuana use disorders under “Background” below.

Considering the facts, what do you think of Deborah Hasin’s two recommendations? (Do you agree or disagree?) Explain your answer.