Many battleground U.S. House districts see strong 2017 income growth

Daily News Article - September 14, 2018


1. Define battleground (election) / battleground (state) and midterms.

2. Why are Democrats expected to gain control of the House in the November elections?

3. A president’s policy agenda is an outline for the issues he will address (currently the issues include: the economy: lowering taxes, increasing jobs and income; tariffs - leveling the playing field with our trade partners; illegal immigration: building a border wall; terrorism; foreign policy; North Korea, China, Russia…etc.)
How would a Democrat majority in the House (and/or Senate) impact President Trump’s policy agenda?

4. What factor could affect the outcome of the midterms? Be specific.

5. a) What is the main issue Republican candidates are focusing on in this year’s election?
b) How do the numbers support these candidates’ focus?

6. Ask a parent:
a) Do you know anyone who will consider the improved economy as a factor when voting for a candidate?
b) What effect, if any, do you think the huge drop in unemployment and growth of the economy will have on the midterms?
c) Did you know that the party of a newly elected president has historically lost seats in Congress in the following midterm election? Do you think this trend will continue with President Trump’s party?