Mall of America to close for Thanksgiving

Daily News Article - October 11, 2016


1. When did the Mall of America begin opening on Thanksgiving day?

2. a) Why have mall executives decided to close on Thanksgiving day this year?
b) How many employees might be affected by this decision?

3. What day has traditionally been the beginning of the Christmas shopping season?

4. a) Why did stores begin opening on Thanksgiving day?
b) Who most strongly opposed this decision?
c) For what reasons are they most likely opposed?

5. Why might the Mall of America’s decision to close on Thanksgiving day inspire others to do the same?

6. a) How important is Thanksgiving to you?
b) What happens when no religious or national/patriotic holiday is special in a country? What type of impact does it have on our culture? (positive, negative, none?) Explain your answer.
c) Ask a parent, do you think stores should be open on Thanksgiving? Why or why not?
d) Ask a grandparent: Were there any holidays where all stores were closed when you were a teenager? Ask a parent the same question. (If your grandparent is an immigrant, what types of traditions were observed on various holidays?
e) Is placing importance on family time as well as acknowledging God’s blessing and protection on our country a good thing for our society? Explain your answer.
f) What should we do on holidays for our friends and neighbors who don’t have family or have a challenging situation?