Last-Minute Democratic Town Hall With Clinton, Sanders and O’Malley

Daily News Article - January 26, 2016


1. How does the reporter describe the addition of last night’s Democratic Townhall?

2. What accusation did Senator Sanders and Governor O’Malley make against the DNC’s decision to limit the number of Democratic debates and run half on weekend nights when not as many people would probably watch them?

3. For what reason is it assumed that Hillary Clinton’s campaign agreed to add the Townhall?

4. For what three reasons should voters watch the Democratic Townhall (what three issues should you pay attention to when watching)?

5. Watch the entire Democratic Townhall at youtube (we know many schools block youtube) or clips of the CNN Democratic Townhall at CNN.
and answer the following questions for each of the three candidates:
a) What was the tone of the candidate’s remarks?
b) List 2 issues you believe are important to consider in this election. What did each candidate say they would do to address each issue? (What solutions does each candidate propose?)
c) Did the candidate talk more about his own accomplishments and/or plans, or about why the opponents were wrong?
d) Did the candidate make a good case for why he/she was the one to vote for?