LAPD uses its helicopters to stop crimes before they start

Daily News Article - March 19, 2015


1. How do supporters and opponents of the police use of helicopters to prevent crime view the practice?

2. Pioneering is defined as using new methods to do something. Describe the strategy the LAPD is pioneering.

3. a) Define deterrent.
b) When/how did the LAPD start its new deterrent approach?

4. What effect is the strategy having? How is it working out, according to police data? Be specific.

5. a) What point does policing expert Professor Geoffrey Alpert make about the use of police helicopters in this manner?
b) Why does law professor Andrew Ferguson think the use of helicopters are probably not a good way to fight crime?
c) What do you think of the professors’ observations?

6. a) What is more important to you: safety or privacy?
b) If a police helicopter hovering constantly over your neighborhood eliminated all crime, would you support its use?
c) If it eliminated all crime in a high crime neighborhood that you didn’t live in, would you change your answer?
d) Ask a parent and then a grandparent the same questions.
Explain all answers.